Human beings crave for wellness, good being, prosperity and flow of positive energy to their life better. People generally do indoor gardening to make their house vastu friendly and following the age old tradition of Feng shui to enhanced positive vibes in their home. According to vedic science, organic planting had had deep effect on our life and people have been following this tradition had enjoyed undisputed happiness and pleasures of life. Vastu is a variable entity which varies according to the zodiac family members and also the geographical location of this places. Most importantly a true vastu can diminish any deficiencies and disparities and put them at a bay. Vastu is a design to be the most intricate science which had its impact in commonfolks life and also it promises aesthetic pleasure and bonhomie among mankind. Few plants can have a devastrating consequences in the wall-being of the house hold. For example .Bonsai, cactus, could spell misogany and possibhy could cut-off every happiness from your life. Peepal  tree as the name suggests serenity, soothingness. Prosperity and harmony, but impropest ventillation and the disadvantage of spreading its roots can damage the house. Planting trees in proper direction can not only enhance your existance, but also bring success, strive for well-being and also showcase pragmatic approach to a better world. Vastu clearly recommanded not to keep dead plants, roots, flowers in house as it would bring ill-luck and create unfortunate incidents. But well maintained vastu gardening, is essential for prosperity and eventually reverse your ill-luck into divine benedictious. Dwarf plants brings quarrel, whereas dwarf chandan brings prosperity. It is a technical science which neeeds to be implanted at a right timr and at a right place to create a perfect ambience, eventually resulting onto a better atmosphere. So “Leaves & Blooms” strongly recommend vastu gardening for rejuvenation  of your soul, holistic approach and prayer for a better life.
Vastu plants at a glance