We are here to take care of your dream
Nature is like a child. Who need to be nurtured at every moment to preserve its innosense and to make it bloom, spreading forth its its beauty residence. We “Leaves & Blooms” assure you that your part of nature would be preserved in very easy and calculative ways classified below.

  • The owner need to water the plant according to instruction given depending on variance of the plants.
  • We assure you regular maintenance and also provide day to day maintenance according to the need of the client.
  • We provide weekly, fortnightly, monthly and also quarterly and annually at your beck and call.
  • The maintenance is chip, affordable and every individuals can afford it.
  • We offer services at you convenience.
  • The technical aspect of weeding, manuring, pruning etc in our maintenance plan.
  • At any point of time we provide service depending on urgency of the client.
Mode of service
  • Daily Basis
  • Weekly basis
  • Monthly basis
  • Quarterly basis
  • Full year contract