We have the privilege to introduced one of the most respected and distinguished horticulturist and an expert in gardening had been with us providing his deemed expertise enriching our experience. His association and not only made a sound but also inculcated a new dimension to our well esteemed enterprise. The mentor was an retire experience employee of the Government of west bengal, had served the government by his utmost dedication and devotion.

Leaves & Blooms is now at your doorstep to reincarnate the aura of nature within your premises. In this world the structure of flat, bungalows and houses at underwent massive architectural changes. But also the interior design had changed  a great deal opening new avenues. From ages immemorial, the concept of gardens and ‘Baghicha’  had been in tune with Indian tradition and now ‘Leaves & Blooms’ is trying to reinvent nature in your drawing room. Flora and fauna had been providing aesthetic  pleasure to human beings sins the dawn of civilization. Having a private gardens, rooftop gardens, hanging gardens from veranda had been the cherishable memory of the bygone era and in this cosmopolitan society our organization bring you the promise to recreate nature within the four walls. Plants are either phototrophic or shade loving and the former majestically sustains  in the open forest and gardens. While the shade loving plants are lovingly called ‘House plants’,  which we present to you to make your interior graceful as well as vibrant. The new era in horticulture and botanical sciences has refurbished the new concept of interior decoration with the house plants. We at present dwell in the claustrophobic, congested urban society, where greenery is not only a dream, but we had replaced mundane and bleak world concrete and cement. If we go by the science, lush green fields as well as verdure world not only sooth our dreary eyes, but also rejuvenate our soul. We introduced ourselves as a group of interior decorators, who would add on your residence with foliage of greenery. Not only we would decorate your interior and outdoor, but also provide spiritual calmness by adhering to the tenants of vastu shastra. We assure that the greenery inside your bedroom, drawing room, dining room as well as in your balcony not only enrich you sensibility but arouse your passion, cultivate good vibes, and provide you with serenity, tranquillity, feeling your life with exotic happiness. It is rightly said that sleep is a balm to our vexed mind. At present sleep is dear to all of us. But unfortunately the peaceful sleep had been a long distant dream in everybody’s life. Anxiety, trauma, stress and prejudices had removed and by inducting  the greenery we could easily have a peaceful mind and soul, eventually we have a better life. ‘Leaves & Blooms’ had the innate vision to provide solace with green nature at your doorstep. So that you are never away from spring. Not only we provide green foliage but we maintain it day to day. So that your spring is never disturbed.